Stayin Alive..

Ive just had the most amazing weekend ever – and thats why ‘stayin alive’ is dedicated to the two days gone by – which i will remember for the rest of my life – ’cause they have probably been the best two days ever. I had booked myself into the ‘Intercontinental – Dubai Festival City’ for Thursday night (Being off on Friday & Saturday) – and had thought that would stay at either RFM’s or SM’s place on Friday night (which however changed to an extended stay at ICDFC)
Finished work ASAP on thursday – and was back to the routine drive to DXB – its become so routine now, that i even remember the location of the speed camera’s! Checked in at around 6:30 at ICDFC – and then went and picked up Rey! – cause he was the guest of honour! The new place did make him a little cranky – but he adapted soon enough – and we ended up having a blast! – which included the morning bath together (that Rey missed terribly) – and him waking me up by jumping on me – but the best of all was the way he would pull me back towards him, everytime i turned away while sleeping! – he is just sooooo adorable! (afterall, hes my son!)
It was so much fun, that i actually ended up extending my stay for another day!
The weekend also saw me spend a lot of time with another someone – someone i needed to spend time with – to figure out a lot of things – which hopefully, as it stands, are very positive. Just praying that they turn out the way we see it.
India Lost again. After a lot of hopes that they would (finally) win something – they lost. However – Tendulkar still rocks!! – his 175 was probably the most amazing knock ever! – I think the entire team needs a ‘stayin alive’ lecture from old Mr. Tendulkar.
Also – have just been told that the Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi is now going to have a small pastry counter to sell stuff – and because they are impressed by my desserts – felt proud – but now have the task of conceptualizing the entire thingie – but i know it will be fun – and another challenge i am going to enjoy.
Anyways – time to head home now – An early morning shift beckons tomorrow!
Ciao everybody!! – Lifes good!!!

2 comments for “Stayin Alive..

  1. mom
    November 9, 2009 at 4:17 am

    Hey sweetie….am glad u had a rollicking good time on the weekend…wish we could have seen Rey while he was with time u do something like this….plz log on to skype and let us know :)

  2. KS
    November 9, 2009 at 2:36 pm

    Hey…please keep writing….reading what you write is how i begin my day…its something i look forward to every morning…..Love you….

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