They Rock… and how!

The first ever Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix finished yesterday – not a very interesting race, not many incidents, and the championship already decided before. Luckily, i got some passes (free of cost) but could not attend the race (work beckoned!) However, the pass also enabled me to go for the post race concert – which featured none other than Mr. Tyler himself – and his comrades – also known collectively as Aerosmith!

First things first, the Yas Marina Circuit and the entire complex is just awesome. Had been looking at it from the highway – and had found it amazing – but yesterday, seeing it by being there, was just nothing short of ‘open-mouthed-awe’. The scale of the construction is just amazing. Especially Ferrari World, one end of which was the venue for the concert.

FW is beautiful – and HUGE is not the word – just one end of it, had close to 30-40 thousand people yesterday attending the concert. And what a stage – it stretched across the entire curve of the roof – and was just huge.

But the best bit was the Band itself. And this is where you realize how crappy the musicians of today have become. None of the artists of these days have half the energy, or the stage presence that these guys of the 70;s and 80;s have. Im sure all of them (Steve Tyler, Joe Perry, etc.) are above 60 – but the way they can run on stage – jump around – just show the energy, is amazing. Not to mention, Mr. Tylers gyrations – ripping off of clothes – and Mr. Perry’s guitar Antics – which included him with the guitar in between his legs, above his head, behind his back and also being played using drum sticks.

They did a pretty standard set – all their known numbers – starting with Eat the Rich, and ending with Walk this way. Played for exactly 2 hours. Where on stage in time – and left on time. And in between, just rocked the entire crowd. I mean, there was nobody who was not jumping around and screaming away the songs.

Live concerts bring out a different being in me. Im generally a very shy person – but music does get me high. Especially if i can see somebody like Joe Perry playing some amazing guitar… Im literally drunk on music… and i just forget the Shyness – and am probably the guy who jumps the highest and screams the most – and also move the most.

Anyhow, attaching a few snaps that i could take from my phone… the quality is quite bad… but thats the best i could do!

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