A Viral-ed Blog… and some random thoughts…

To all the people who tried accessing my blog a few days ago, and could not get thru… WygiWys was attacked!!!… had started getting some spam comments and before i realized that it was a virus taking over the blog – it was gone – i couldnt access the admin areas, and couldnt really do anything about it. Thankfully, i figured out how to backup the SQL database and had to re-install the wordpress platform again…. and after a lot of attempts, and a few frantic emails to my hosting co. – got the blog back to its original condition.
Anyhow… somethings of note

1. The HI AUH is now open!!! – Yes! – with a 100 odd rooms and 1 restaurant – we are live… and finally earning money! – Its great fun – to have seen the entire building been built – and get finished – and all the equipment – and everything else – and all the people – to have come together, and finally get a hotel live!

2. The Yas Marina circuit looks awesome – have been driving along it everyday in the evening just to look at the lighting of the Yas Hotel, and it is awesome!!! – Only that i will not be witness to the GP this year… but then, theres always next year!

3. Why is that people cannot believe in clean, pure love?? I mean, the kinds without any commitments – or going overboard physically?? And why cant the people in this so called ‘pure love’ also not believe it? I mean – is it that impossible, to be in love with someone, without any expectations from the other person? Just clean, pure love? Is it that difficult to believe?

4. I head to dubai today evening – off tomorrow – and hopefully an awesome evening at IV again today – with the same old RFM… 😉 (psst… ‘old’ is not reference to her age…. )

5. I found an awesome Goan restaurant yesterday in AUH – lovely food – the spicy goan chicken was to die for… its called Casa Goa – and is at the Abu Dhabi Yacht Club.

6. I NEED SLEEP!!! – havent been able to sleep for more than a few hours for the last few days – and it is completely taking a toll on me… PLEASE DONT WAKE ME UP TOMORROW!!!

Thats all for now i guess…. signing off for the weekend!


PS : KH – i would like your comment on this – and i know ure gonna read it…

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  1. Its me...!
    October 29, 2009 at 2:37 pm

    It is hard to believe untill you seen one….and im happy to know that it still does exist…..

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