Twists and turns… and a very irish evening ;-)

People Have egos, so do i… but sometimes – people go overboard with their egos, without even realizing what harm they are doing, not just to themselves, but to people close to them. Sometimes – and i know it sounds very nasty – its just fun to watch peoples ego’s get slapped across their face – especially if they have really been nasty to you because of their egos.

I had this experience yesterday – (and what an experience it was :-D) When someone, whos ego had really gone ahead of her – got virtually slapped across her face – and i loved it – the expression was priceless. I know im being nasty – but then… u cant win them all, can u? LOL!

But i guess, people like that sometimes deserve this – a wake up call from reality – something that shatters their beliefs – and makes them realise how wrong they were – and that all that they thought, and all the things that they built their lives on – were wrong – not because they thought they were, but because someone (and this time that someone was me) chose to be different and move on ;-)… just a very interesting twist – to something that had already turned!

Anyhow – met up with two old friends – had been out of touch for ages – but its nice, catching up on old times – getting to know our lives now… seeing the changes in them – but also seeing that things havent changed in them. Just how you lose touch with people because of other people – and then get back – when the other people have gone – is just something i havent figured out yet… i think i need to dwell onto this a little more – next post maybe !!

And that brings me to the Irish Village in Dubai. It has been mentioned in previous posts – and trust me, it will keep popping up regularly. I think IV is probably the only place worth visiting in the UAE – if you want to have some amazing food – and alcohol! It was a beautiful evening yesterday – and a beautiful day – spent with a beautiful someone… – and IV was just the apt ending… RFM and me, as usual, later joined by BC and KI 0 old college mates, mentioned above – now a happy couple – and almost next door neighbours in AUH – so it was the same Red Bull (YES! – I WAS DRIVING AGAIN :-() and bangers and mash – and the amazing fountain, and sitting against it with RFM and our stupid intellectual discussions – although this time we had something very interesting to discuss (refer para 1 & 2) – and as usual, we love bitching about a certain someone – that we ended up doing!

Lovely evening – lovely people – some twists, some turns – and im back in another swanky new hotel room at the HIAUH, typing this at midnight – sipping on some stella, and listening to a certain Mr. Belafonte – and getting all nostalgic. But am missing yesterday more – and the people i spent time with. and wondering – why did i not meet some of these people earlier??? Wouldnt have been so many twists and turns!!!!

2 comments for “Twists and turns… and a very irish evening ;-)

  1. kiran
    October 25, 2009 at 7:02 am

    ahem…ahem… The fangs are out and how! Be careful about things though…don’t let some twist turn on you later! ;-0

  2. Its me...!
    October 27, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    I so very completely…..agree with your mom bhav…….

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