Dazzling Dubai…good people –

Dubai dazzles – specially when you get just one day in a week to spend there, after 5 days of a very boring Abu Dhabi. And so it was – driving down a thursday evening all the way thru dubai to sharjah first, to meet someone – someone i wished i had met quite a few years ago! – anyhow – that was an apt start to a very very nice weekend.
Thursday night saw me at RFM’s house – as usual, the two of us waiting for AN to come back, until we no longer could keep our eyes open – some intellectual discussions, a few glasses of baileys (a bottle which RFM later broke :-() and some sausages later – we were deep in sleep, only to be woken up with AN’s entry ;-).
Friday was spent with my little one – which is always an amazing time – the bonding again – the having fun again – and his smile again – just takes away all the problems in an instant! – Met up with RFM and AN at DFC again in the evening – where Rey was at his naughtiest best!
Anyhow, the best was about to come – dropped Rey back and headed (after ages) to Irish Village with RFM and AN – and ended up with the usual dose of Red Bull and bangers and mash. RFM and AN were on beers (yeah yeah… i was driving) – and the weather was just awesome. Theres something about the weather in dubai during this time. Neither too hot, neither too cold – its just right. So, while on our way back, it inspired us to roll the windows down, open up the sunroof, and change the music to some funky bollywood remixes on the radio!!
Sometimes, the air just brings out the craziness in you – and very rarely, it brings it out in everybody around you – yesterday it was one of those rare occasions – where it just brought the craziness out in all three of us. So instead of heading back home, we suddenly decided to turn towards the beach – the windows still open, and the music still blaring out! – Spent an amazing time at the beach, with the burj-al-arab as a ‘dazzling’ backdrop – jeans rolled up, feet in the water etc. etc…
Back in the car – it had to be ice cream time – which resulted in us walking sandy-bare-foot inside a petrol station shop to pick up ice cream and a CD of Kaminey – Dhan te nan was just what was needed now – and the rocking leaded us back home – where a shot of vodka and a stupid horror flick ended a most beautiful evening with some of the most beautiful people.

However – there was one thing that somebody said that really went my mind going yesterday – someone very close – just went thru a lot of shit – once again – she didnt deserve it – not the first time, and not this time – and she just asked me – Why do bad things happen only to good people?
It was a question that truly stirred my mind – having gone thru a lot of shit myself – i started wondering how much truth was there in this statement – and whether there was an answer to it? And all i could think of, was – its because good people are strong enough to take it, learn from it, and carry on – and that is i guess what makes good people what they are.
SB – you are a great person – and dont worry, always remember that you have people who really really care for you – and if you ever doubt that statement, call me up. – Ill be there. Shit happens. All we need to do is wipe our asses off, and get of the pot.

And before i forget – Heres wishing everyone a very very very Happy Diwali and a very prosperous next year. Hope you guys have a blast (just make sure its a safe one!)

3 comments for “Dazzling Dubai…good people –

  1. Sonal
    October 17, 2009 at 6:32 pm

    How true Sethi!!!!! Thanks for all the support….Love ya..

  2. kiran
    October 18, 2009 at 7:01 am

    Your writing touches a chord every time…u r right….good ppl thrive on their inner strength and never allow the shit to stick!!!!

  3. Its me.....
    October 18, 2009 at 10:04 am

    Yes Dubai dazzles…..it dazzles for me now….

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