Little bit of blood.. and a neat little app

Had my medicals for my residence visa today… Its just so weird being ushered thru by arab security guards, into rooms of doctors who are mallus… And the worst is that they have ‘I don’t care attitudes’ – as in- this was the worse blood extraction I have ever had.. The guy literally poked me 3 times to find the vain.. And left my arm with an inch wide wound instead of a pinhole!
Why is it that indians in other countries become so indifferent towards there own people?? I’m sure if the guy had an arab or a european he wouldve been much more careful. How ironic.. That we as a country are so much against racism.. But within ourselved, we probably are the biggest racists.

And on to the second part of this blog.. Just downloaded the wordpress app for my swanky new blackberry.. And it is just so cool to be able to blog from anywhere… So this is officially my first mobile blog!!

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