Common Wealth?? and the story of a terrorist

2010 is supposed to be the year that New Delhi hosts the Commonwealth games. National Pride… etc. etc.
However, the scenario is quite funny to say the least. Everything is behind schedule. Delhi lies in a state of mess, everything is dug up, takes ages to commute the smallest of distances. Most of the venues are behind schedule and zillions of other problems.
What is tickling is the confidence of the Indian Babu’s, who are still promising that everything will go smooth and as per schedule.
Question 1. Since when have things started happening on schedule in apna desh?
Question 2. Smooth??? Have they ever tried driving on the roads in delhi?? If that is smooth, then Gillete wouldve beaten Microsoft with just its single blade razors!

The Commonwealth committee is sweating cold, just thinking about what a fiasco the games are gonna be this time. Im sure they are already planning of a back up venue.

I think its high time that the Indian ruling committee (or whatever that is) understands, that to be a true global power – the first thing is that the countries gotto stick to its promises.

And this gets me to Mr. Kasab. Who recently stated that he does not have faith in Indian courts! WTF!!! The dude comes – kills hundreds in cold blood – and now he does not have faith in Indian Courts!!!!!!!!! And who is to blame?? Let me tell you – its the Indian Judicial system. The fact that we are still looking for proof that Mr. Kasab was innocent. Someone like him should be shot – at the first sitting of the trial. Everybody knows he did it. He accepts he did it. Then what is the delay??
Well, we like to give every body a chance to defend himself. So, a year down the line, Mr. Kasab is still defending himself – and we are gonna let him do that – until some one decides that he is a pakistani national – and now he deserves a fair trial there too – and then he will be deported – and will live under the protection of the Pakistani government for the rest of his life, just like a certain Mr. Dawood Ibrahim.

C;mon guys!! – Wake Up!!!!

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