Please find something to do!

Sometimes, the news is just hilarious… and it actually makes you wonder how wasted some people in life are (and no.. i am not talking Rakhi Sawant)
This is what i am talking about – The fact that Karan Johar had to kow-tow beofre a certain Mr. Raj Thakeray for using Bombay instead of Mumbai in Wake up sid. And hence, as the Times of India states, “So Johar first had to pay obeisance at Raj Thackeray’s residence during the day and mouth politically right lines. “I apologize if I have hurt anyone’s sentiments and so have agreed to put a one-line disclaimer, stressing this, right at the start of the film,” he said.”

I just ask one question – dont the politicians of this country have anything better to do? Than to watch movies and find out where Bombay has been used instead of Mumbai?? and WTF is wrong with Bombay anyways?? Is this what political work in the country has come to – a weird kinduv ‘Moral’ policing? Then why do we condemn countries like Saudi? I saw the movie yesterday – and seriously, i didnt even realize that such a grave crime had been commited!

Incase our dear politicians have forgotten, the Indian constitution was based on ‘Liberty, of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship’ – and it just totally p*#&es me off to see this being taken away from each and every individual these days. Is this what the people who run our country have come to? And what difference does it make? Whats wrong with Bombay? As far as i know, all the BOMBAYites i know, still call it Bombay. I really havent ever heard people i know, or meet, address the city as Mumbai – it has always been Bombay.

And does anything change by calling it Mumbai? Nah.. nada… zilch. The city will still stink. The roads will still be dug up. The traffic will still be standstill. The trains will still be overcrowded. And life will continue as it is.
Mr. Thak should probably pay attention to the above mentioned problems that the ‘aam junta’ faces everyday of their lives rather than waste time watching movies that are not for his generation anyways.

What upsets me even more, is that Karan Johar actually went to him to apologies!! WTF! – I actually wonder, are we living in a free country anymore??


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1 comment for “Please find something to do!

  1. Kiran
    October 4, 2009 at 9:48 am

    I like it – I mean what difference does it make what you call it when sitting in your ivory towers you are unable to make any difference to it….

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