Just came back from a screening of ‘Wake up Sid’… and thought it deserves an article here… So whats the movie all about? – Well, we have Mr. Siddhartha Mehra (Sid – if you didnt get it yet) – whos a spoilt child of a rich dad, who adores mumbai (specially during the rains) – but still hasnt quite grown out of his cartoon character t-shirts (i personally liked the Beavis n Butthead one) – and snakes and ladder socks, but yet, ends up maxing out his credit cards (which obviously rich dad pays for) and drives around in a Honda CRV, but dreaming of a Porsche Cayenne.
Then we have friends Sid – Laxmi, and Rishi – who Sid spends most of his time with, until he meets ‘A new girl in town’ – Aisha (or Ayesha??) played by Konkona Sen.
Whats the story about? – well its the coming of age of Sid. Of him growing up to take responsibilities. And taking charge of his life.

Not really a fresh concept is it?? – We previously had ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ – which follows the same kinduv concept – the coming of age of three friends… so if i really have to find a parallel between the two movies – take Aakash from Dil Chahta hai – make him a little immature – and thats about it.

What i liked in the movie was the way its been made – the cinematography is excellent, direction (for a first timer) is great – sometimes the movie does seem disconnected – but then i guess, thats really being critical. The music is fantastic, both in terms of the songs and the background score – SEL seriously are getting better by the day. Acting is great – Ranbir does an excellent job of portraying the child in all of us – and Konkona dosent really need dialogues – just her expressions are enough. Even Anupam kher does a great job of the 4 scenes that he has.

What i didnt like was the length – it could have been much shorter. It does feel a drag sometimes. It lasts almost 2 hours and 40 mins. – but im sure, wouldve been as effective in 2 hours. Also – they story couldve been a little better – as in – at least the reason that kindu wakes ‘Sid’ up, couldve been a little more – how do i say this – hmmm.. maybe important?? DOnt want to disclose the story… so ull understand when u watch the movie.

Would i watch it again – Yes. But more so because i had to watch it this time from the first row of one of the worst multiplexes in town. It is a nice feel good movie. But as i said, couldve been slicker.

It does leave you with a smile. Specially watching the first half. It does make you nostalgic of the times when you were carefree – college going – and partying hard. It does leave you teary eyed too sometimes. But overall, you do leave the theatre feeling good. But i would attribute it more to the music – because in this movie, thats what portrays most of the emotion. And i loved the way the songs start interruptedly – it just kinduv makes you read the characters mind – and how the person is trying to clear away the thoughts. 5 stars for that. That surely i think was a first in B-Land.

As the ‘coming of age’ concept, i still think DCH was a much better movie – just for the fact that it showed three different characters – who were totally different in their thinking, maturity, and the amount of cash in their wallets – and you could relate to any one of them – as in, everybody could relate to at least one of them – unlike in WUS.

I know, its not really fair to compare WUS to DCH – but watching WUS, i somehow was constantly reminded of DCH. somehow…

Anyways – go watch it… come out with a smile… and please do comment on how you liked it – even if you dont agree with what i wrote…!!!


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