The Hype Of Indian Cricket…

So, i too am born in a country where Cricketers are given the same status as Gods… people hold prayers for them, they are bigger celebrities than most achievers in this country – they are more recognised than any other important person, and they probably earn more than any other sportsperson in this country.
Unfortunately, where they fail, is on the field.
Its kinduv become a joke these days, watching Indian Cricket – amongst the umpteen controversies (and trust me, there is one every day), and the umpteen allegations and politics that go on behind the scene – to the major attitudes of stars like Harbhajjan Singh… its just totally over hyped.
It was just fun watching the game against the W’Indies today. Especially during the start of the Indian Innings – Everybody, commentators, audience, and even the Indian cricketers in the dressing room – were watching the closing stages of the Pakistan Australia game – and cheering Pakistan!!!!… i was literally laughing my guts out – That this is what the national obsession has come to – cheering for arch enemies, just to make it into the final!

In the midst of it all, i read a statement by someone (i really dont remember who) – ‘Indian cricketers have found a way to avoid the amount of stress and matches set up by the BCCI, which is, to get out in the first round of all tournaments (World cup, T20 World cup, Champions trophy) – this way, they get the much needed rest, as well as time for earning money thru endorsements!’

I couldnt agree with someone more!

The solution? Well, i guess, the Indian junta should just boycott the sport. Stop watching it. Stop. Get the guys back on earth. Thats the only way to deal with people who think they are invincible (and this is not just for the cricketers, but also for the BCCI, and every other person who earns out of this brouhaha). And yeah – why dont we switch to watching other sports?? Boxing for example? We have a guy who is World no. 1 in one of the categories… Tennis? of course, the finalists in this years USopen doubles had an Indian on both sides of the net. Formula 1? why not? Force India gathered its first podium in just its second season (and that too, without any kind of government backing)

The point is, there is enough sport to cheer your country in – not just cricket. We have to just stop thinking that we are world champions just because we won the ’84 world cup. Wake up guys!! – that was 25 years ago!. We are doing much better in many other sports than we are in cricket. And thats reason enough to believe that cricket, just it, overhyped.

Hoping Force India ends up in the points this sunday – and yes – i will be watching the race. And cheering. And yeah – i did not watch the Indian Innings today. And yes, i dont care…. anymore.

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