10 bands i would love to see live…

Well – ive been for a lot of concerts – from Bryan Adams, to Joe Satriani… and have loved all of them – specially Deep Purple, Mark Knopfler & Queen. But there are some bands i just really want to see live – but havent got the chance yet. Most on this list, i wont be able to – cause either they have stopped performing, or they just dont exist any more.

However – heres to their everlasting music. 10 bands i would love to see live – in no particular order…

  1. Pink Floyd – Nobody can deny, that Pink Floyd shows are not just about music – its about the experience. The way they present their music – the fact that they can awe you with the atmosphere they create with every note played. One look at the P.U.L.S.E. concert, and you will know what i speak about.
  2. U2 – The edge has always inspired my guitaring style. Just the way he has used the delay on most songs gets me excited. And Bono’s vocals – and the sheer genius of Adam Clayton. U2 3D was a mind blowing version of what these guys are actually to watch live – hopefully, one day, i shall. 
  3. Dave Mathews Band – Theres something about this guys music. Its simple, yet so complicated. Everytime i hear any of his songs, i end up hearing something new. Its just amazing how this guy can blend so many sounds together in perfect harmony. Listen to Ants Marching, or Proudest Monkey and u’ll understand.
  4. Dream Theatre – And im not talking about there Heavy metal songs. But at the end of the day, Petrucci is one of the most awesome and down to earth guitarists. His solo’s are breathtaking. And so are the lyrics in most of the songs. Take Away my Pain, Hells Kitchen, Hollow years – Masterpeices.
  5. The Greatful Dead – Folk Rock? Classic rock? I have no idea… but yes, these guys were the original ‘live’ band. Just see some of their videos still around…
  6. The Who – Townshend and Daltrey – probably the best bad ass rockers ever. And what music. And what stage presence. Amazing. Just get a copy of ‘Sparks’. Get drunk. Close your eyes. Press play. Bliss.
  7. Chuck Berry – There probably wouldnt have been any Rock and Roll, if it werent for Johny B Good. Also made popular by Michael J Fox in Back to the Future. The original Rock guitarist. The guy who probably invented Rock and Roll.
  8. AC/DC – The very image of Angus Young walking around the stage in his ‘school uniform’ playing those amazing riffs, with one leg juggling up with the beat – tells you what a high energy performance these guys give. And the voice of Malcolm Young. Truly Highway to hell.
  9. Led Zeppelin – The true masters of Rock and Roll. Page & Plant. The voice and the guitar. Reminds me of the long drives with KD in bangalore, drunk. Black Dog blaring out of the stereo. Can only imagine what these guys wouldve been like on stage.
  10. Jimi Hendrix – Would music have been the way it is today without him? Ask any guitarist his inspirations – and Mr. Hendrix is sure to feature in the list. Sheer genius. What he could do with that piece of wood and six strings, i dont think anybody will ever be able to match. Ever. Purple Haze.

Also, some guys who need special mention – Bruce Springsteen, Queen (with Freddy), Pearl Jam and Kiss.

So.. there it is. 10 bands i would love to see live. Out of which i guess, only U2 and ACDC is still a possibility. And hopefully, someday, i shall get a chance!

Wish me best of luck!
Keep rocking!

2 comments for “10 bands i would love to see live…

  1. Sandra
    March 31, 2011 at 11:27 am

    i’m still after that elusive u2 concert as well.. though i doubt if india is ever going to be a stopover on their tours!
    so i guess it will have to be ‘have ticket, will travel’!

    ps.. why isn’t dave matthews a possibility?

    • March 31, 2011 at 8:59 pm

      Dave Mathews is a possibility- but he doesn’t tour much out of the states or Europe!

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