Its been a while…

Its been ages since ive blogged. Lots of reasons for it – but most of all, I just did not have anything to blog about. Nothing interesting was just happening in my life. I had gone into the cycle of the bored, lonely and depressing shit in my life (again!) with nothing going my way.

In the past 7-8 months though, a series of events kicked off in my life that have changed everything. One thing led to another – and now that i look back – somehow, everything just connected perfectly leading me to where i am now – and i actually have to sometimes pinch myself to believe that all this happened. And its real.

In September last year, i finally resigned from my job at the Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi. I loved that place. I still do. Probably the best hotels i have ever worked for and the best boss i have ever worked under. I had been there long enough, and i just thought that it was time to move on. I had found a job in another hotel next door. And so i resigned. For no other reason, but the fact that i would be moving back to a 5 star property – and would be getting a lot more money.

The hotel that i joined (I would not like to name it) – turned out to be a nightmare. I never imagined a management could be this bad and so unethical. I can tolerate anything – but not my boss playing games. And that is what happened. There were a  lot of differences. And it became clear to me that i was not wanted. I dont believe it had anything to do with my work – but it was just the HE wanted his own guy in. (I was hired by the exec. chef before HIM). I was told i was being laid off. And was given two months. Reason being ‘My vision did not match HIS vision’ (Whatever that means).

At around the same time – I got in touch with a woman. We had a few brief calls to each other – and then we met (She was in dubai). A day after her birthday at the Irish Village (Somehow, i have come to believe, that everything good in my life starts at this place). After that we just couldnt stop talking. It was calls, whatsapp chats and late night skype chats. Just went on.

And then i lost my job.

I went into that fearful state where i just did not know what would happen with my life. Living in a country where the concept of bankruptcy does not exist – and a bounced check makes me a criminal – I was scared. The ‘what if i dont find a job’ scenario gave me sleepless nights and i just did not know what to do. But SHE, stood by me. I barely knew her. But she was there. Doing everything she could to help me find a job. Going thru all my tantrums. Going thru all my dramas. But never letting go of me.

Finally, I landed a job. In dubai. I was back after 5 years. And i found a wonderful job. A job that gives me time for myself. And things i like to do. The pay was not as awesome. I was not getting company accomodation – but it didnt matter. I had learnt (with my previous experience) – money wasnt everything.

Somwhere, in the process of looking for a house – I just casually commented that WE should just shift in together. It would save us money. Surprisingly, she said yes.

And so, a house was found. Its a co-incidence, but we actually found a house in a building i had thought of moving to 4.5 years back. We set up a home.

It took me a lot to start trusting a person again. After living most of life having people i ever got close to leave me, lie to me and cheat on me – it took me a lot to change my attitude to relationships. To start trusting someone. To fall in love with someone. I had actually come to believe that im not made for relationships, and that there is something really wrong with me. But she stuck by me – thru all the ups and downs – and made me believe in myself again.

It does seem to me now that i couldnt want anything more. I have a good job, an awesome partner, a loving child and a home. I get time for music, i have started enjoying cooking at home (at least i now have somebody to cook for). Im still in the process of believing the fact that so much good could happen to me.

Looking back – i guess all of this would not have happened if everything that went wrong had not gone wrong. I for sure would have not been in a relationship with HER if i had not left Holiday Inn. I would not even have been in Dubai.

So yes. Its been a while. But im back. And hopefully for a long time. I have found a job i love. I have found a home that i like. And i have found a companion that i am crazy about.

And i hope all this stays. At least for a while.



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  1. ST
    April 15, 2014 at 9:11 am

    Very good post

  2. Rajiv Sethi
    August 16, 2014 at 4:20 am

    God Bless you!!!

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