Service excellence?

I am a proud owner of a Volswagen passat. And i recently faced some issues.
I wrote a mail to the customer service, which is below – and which outlines all the issues i had. Hope somebody in VW customer care bothers to answer me back.

Anubhav Sethi
8:17 PM


Dear Sir

I am a proud owner of a VW Passat (2012) which was bought from Ali & Sons Abu Dhabi last september.

There has been a slight issue with the car for the last few months – which is, that the headlight suddenly stops working. The first time it happened, it was with the right side low beam headlight. I took it to the service centre in Mussaffa and one of your service advisors (Mr. Joshil) informed me that the issue was that the holder of the bulb had burnt out and the entire headlight assembly needed to be changed. This was done in the next few days as the car was under warranty. The parts were ordered promptly, the headlight replaced and all was good.

After just about a month – i got the same issue with the same headlight. I met Mr. Joshil again – and he again got the headlight replaced as it was the same issue.

Unfortunately, two days back (and after a month and a half of the second replacement), i have faced the issue again – only that this time its the left side low beam.

Now – as of now the car is under warranty, and this headlight will be replaced – but my question is – if this is a contnuiing problem with the car – what happens once the car is out of warranty? Do i end up paying 3000AED every time the headlight stops paying?

Another major issue is with the service i encountered yesterday at your Mussaffa service centre. This was the first time i have experienced the worst possible customer service ever.
As the headlight had stopped working day before yesterday night, i promptly took the car to the service centre yesterday.
Now i understand that i did not have an appointment – as this was an emergency case – not a regular service – and there was no way i could call and make an appointment on a friday night when the headlight had stopped working. I was told i had to wait to meet a service advisor (Unfortunately, Mr. Joshil was on leave).
I also understand that the car could not be fixed the same day – all i expected was that they know about the problem, order the spare parts, and let me know which day i should come and drop the car by for repairs once the spare parts were available.
I was made to wait for exactly 1:30minutes – which actually, was the least of my problems.
I was made to meet your service advisor Mr. El Sady – who heard the problem – and then got onto the phone with someone. For exactly 22 minutes. With me sitting in front of him.
After that, he tells me, that he is very busy today as there are a lot of cars – and he cant do anything for me. I tell him that i understand that the car cant be repaired today – however, if he can just order the spare parts, and tell me what day i should come and give my car for the replacement (once the spare parts are available) – that would be great.
After this, he gives me a sheet of paper, highlighting the chassis number – and tells me to go to the spare part shop and find out myself if the parts were available!

I walked off from there and met the manager (whose name unfortunately i dont remember) – i told him the problem – and he proceeded to take that paper from my hand and walk over to Mr. El Sady.
After another 30 minutes of wait, the Manager comes to me and tells me that the spare part is not available here, but in Dubai. I ask him – so what do i do now – are you guys ordering the part – and when should i give the car – and his answer was – “I am sorry, but i stopped being a service advisor a long time back – take an appointment and ask the service advisors” – effectively, telling me that i am back to where i started after two and a half hours of being at the service centre.

Sir – i work in the service industry – and this, really is no way to treat paying customers. I bought the car because of the assurance that the VW brand gives in terms of quality and service – and unfortunately, both these aspects were not met.

As of now, my car is without an operating headlight (which, is a 200AED fine in the UAE) – and i have an appointment with one of your service advisors on tuesday. After which i do not know how much longer it will take to get the car fixed. And that too, i have no idea, how soon the headlight is going to stop working again as this is the third time this problem has occurred.

Now, i just want to know –
1. Is there going to be a permanent solution to the headlight problem – as i really cannot afford to pay for a replacement everytime after the warranty expires.
2. Is there a chance of improvement of customer service? Is this what the VW service standards are all about?

Looking forward to your reply sir


Anubhav Sethi
Vehicle registration number – 93541 (Abu Dhabi)
Volkswagen Passat 2012



UPDATE 1 : I had a call from Mr. Wilson, a service advisor informing me that the headlight had been ordered and i should come on tuesday and give the car for repair – this is after i had taken an appointment and called Wilson beforehand explaining the situation.

UPDATE 2: Mr. Wilson has gotten the headlight replaced – and it took just three hours today. Also met Mr. Joshil – who has just asked me to meet either him or Wilson next time i encounter a problem. I still do not have a reply to the email i sent.


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