Indian Cricket…and the sex of it all..

well.. so after enough and more controversies… the Indian cricket team just needed this!
Seen the news lately?? The most interesting sports news that Indian news channels can find is that Gary Kirsten (the South African – Indian cricket coach) wants the Indian team to have sex before matches… to improve performance..
Now the Indian media… obviously had to make a big hoo-haa about this…. and its just funny how the even just ran out of proprtions… due to some silly media person, who just had no idea of what he was writing…
apparantly, as this report suggests… it was a total blow up!!

Now.. my question is –
1. How would anyone know of what the players sexual activities are??? as in… do we already know how many times and how many players are having sex before matches as of now? to even figure out what difference in performance would be on increase or decrease of the same??
2. What difference does it make to the Indian masses…. or their lives… ???
3. cant we just leave the team alone?
4. Did this need to be blown so much out of proportion??

Well… i really dont know what Kirsten told the boys… but whatever it was… and even if he talked about having sex…how does it affect us?? As in… if they do end up having sex before getting on to the field… and start winning… would anyone care whether they had sex and won? They would probably just be happy that we won…

Now national geographic has an article related to the same, which can be read here. According to this… research shows that having sex increases aggresiveness (against prior beliefs)… and from whatever little cricket i have seen lately – this clearly lacks in the Indian team – aggressiveness. They need it. And if having sex can increase that.. So be it!!

As i said… i dont care what Mr. Kirsten tells the team. Fact is – the media has no right to blow up things like this out of proportion – without knowing facts.
And – the Indian cricket team consists of mortal human beings. They have a life. Let them live it.
And… considering we hail from the land of the Kamasutra… GUYS GET A LIFE!!!

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