I had an accident.

And here is what I learnt –

1. Seat belts do help. Trust me. I would have been a mess if wasn’t wearing one. All that I am suffering from is a slight pain in my chest – probably because the seat belt dug in when I crashed.

2. It’s not important to look how the traffic in the other lane is – because that is what I was doing at that moment. Checking the traffic. And feeling lucky that I had a clear road. Only to realise that I did not.

3. Japanese care are bleddy strong – I crashed at around 80kmph straight onto the back of a stationary vehicle. The engine did not switch off. I hope the damage is only to the bodywork.

4. Try not to crash on a Thursday evening – if in the UAE – insurance companies are closed friday and Saturday. Which means you have to wait till Sunday to I’ve your car for repairs.

5. If you are at fault, own up – no use arguing. You know you have made a mistake, accept it. It helps the person not at fault. And the police likes it as well. You are more
Iikely to get away with a small fine if you own up, rather than arguing and pissing people off which surely would result in a huge fine. And some black points for sure.

6. Dubai police is awesome – they were not bothered about how it happened. All they were concerned about is if we were okay. Only once sure of that they proceeded to ask who was at fault. And all they had to say was ” don’t worry. It happens”



This Is the end result of the car. It is parked in a parking lot in Dubai as of now. And I will be going Sunday morning for the insurance claim. Will update this post on what happens there…

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