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This post, is  about Steve Jobs, and me. You will not find any quotes by him, or any of his achievements. That, is material for another post. Just read it, and let it go.


I think i was 7 years old, and had just gotten my first computer – a ZX Spectrum – it used to connect to a tv, and i could program games on it in rudimentary BASIC, and i loved it.Until the day i happened to go with my Dad to this graphic designers office who owned a Macintosh.

It had a mouse, it had icons, it just looked awesome. I was blown away, and i just had to have one. I did not care who built it, i did not know who Steve Jobs was – but it had become one of my lifes missions – to someday, buy a Mac.

It took me 21 years since then till i could finally manage to buy one. one i still use to this day – and the one i am typing this post on. I did not know about all the turmoil apple went thru during these 21 years – and i never even knew that Jobs had been fired from apple in between. But the more i got comfortable with my mac – the more i started to learn about its history – and in it, about what all had happened during those 21 years that went by from wanting to owning a mac.

And yesterday, i woke up in a place with no internet access with an SMS on my iphone from my ex-wife – ‘Steve Jobs died. I am sorry’. Yes, that is what Steve Jobs meant to me. No, i have never met him, or even been close to meeting him. All i knew about Steve was thru the products that he churned out. And, i knew him well. I somehow knew, when he stepped down as CEO on my birthday, that the end was near. I hoped he would turn up at the iphone 4s event with the ‘one more thing..’, but unfortunately, that ‘one more thing..’ will never happen again.

This is probably the most elegant way a high profile CEO could go. He got his succession planning in place – made sure it would run without him – did his duties till the last possible day, and then just backed off. Kept his private life private to the point that no one even knows the exact reason of his death. Never came into the media since he resigned, never tried to interfere in Apple after that, just left it in faithful hands. He knew this was it. There would not be a ‘one more thing.’

And that, was Steve.

Simple, elegant, to the point, and beautiful. And that, is is the philosophy with which he made his products.

And that is the philosophy represented in his obituary on the Apple site.

I never thought i would be so upset at the passing away of someone who i knew only thru his products.

Steve, you did well.

You changed our lives in unimaginable ways.

And you will be missed.

Thank you.

Rest in peace.

Here, is a video done by Gizmodo in tribute. And i think it is apt. An ad, conceived by Steve. For Steve.

2 comments for “One more thing…

    October 13, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    _Stockholm Syndrome_

    Its Sad when any human being dies. Even if its not a human being, but its yours or your neighbours pet.
    Theres not much else to say for steve jobs dying. The keeper of the walled garden is dead, not maybe his successor will be less effective at keeping that garden shut.

    Just had to comment, but of course it will make no difference to the millions inside that RDF.

    • October 16, 2011 at 7:31 pm

      Thanks for the comment, but,
      As i said, This post was about what ‘i’ felt. And to just read it, and let it go.
      As far as the RDF is concerned – Well, credit him for creating it. Something a lot of other companies tried and failed at – but he achieved creating a RDF with millions in it.

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