We promise you the Moon…

Everytime i flipped channel on TV today, i ended up with a news channel showing that India finds water on the moon. Hats off.. Indian scientists have proved again, we are right up there.. probably higher than everybody else. Chandrayan 1 has proved that the Indian Space programme has been a (almost) complete success.

However…. what pisses me off, is how the Indian Media has been behaving (not that we are not used to it behaving like this time and time again).

The facts first –
1. The so called ‘Water’ – is not water as we know it… its not in liquid, gaseous, or solid form… its technically Hydroxyl.
2. This discovery was made by the M3 – also known as Moon Mineralogy Mapper – which was made by the Brown University.. and funded by NASA.
3. M3 was one of the 6 payloads that Chandrayan carried with it – which belonged to other countries.

Now, things get interesting –
Indian Media, since today morning has been obsessed with this find of ‘water’. Very few channels have even spoken about the M3 and NASA’s involvement. Im not saying that Indian scientists do not deserve credit – but – fact is the machine that found the so called discovery, belonged to NASA – and technically the data it generated is also NASA property.
The amazing thing is – NASA itself hasnt yet announced the discovery yet. In fact, they do not mention ‘water’ anywhere officially… all that they say, is that they will reveal new scientific findings about the moon today…READ THIS HERE
My gripe is – Why hide all this??? Why get so Hyper??? Yes – Chandrayan was a success… again… almost. Because, if people remember, it was just a few weeks ago, when the same news channels were reporting that chandrayan has been lost in space – and how ISRO is just not upto the task.
And why take all the applause??? Give credit to the machine that actually did it. ISRO scientists are happy – and they should be – because their payload system worked. They Developed the MIP (Moon Impact Probe) which flawlessly delivered its payload to the Moon. But unfortunately, nobody is giving them the credit for that. The only credit they are getting is for the ‘water’ which – officially – NASA, the owners of the Data, have not even confirmed yet.
And you know the limit??
A prominent Indian News Channel shows a clip of MJ moonwalking – and saying that – “Michael made the moonwalk famous”.. and then showing a clip of Armstrong on the Moon… “and who wouldve known that one day man would actually walk on the Moon”!!! LOL!! ROTFL!! Guys!!!.. get a break!!… dont you even realise that MJ was born in 1958 – and the ‘actual’ moon walk happened in 1969. Which makes MJ approx. 11 years old. I can be dead sure that at 11 years age, MJ had not made the ‘moonwalk famous’!!!! – AT LEAST GET YOUR TIMELINES RIGHT!!
I guess – as far as Indian news channels go – Anything for TRP – Spice up everything… and totally blow it out of proprtion!!
…. waiting for the official statement from NASA…
and back to the news as of now….
Congrats… the Indian Scientists involved in the Indian Space Programme.

*** UPDATE ***

Just saw the NASA press conference live on NASA TV.
1. NASA confirms presence of both H20 and Hydroxyl in the upper latitudes of the Moon
2. NASA gives credit to ISRO – without whom they say – this wouldnt have been possible.
3. This discovery was made using 3 different machines. 2 of which were not on Chandrayan.

So… Congratulations ISRO and NASA. The moon still intrigues us!! However – Indian Media – GET A LIFE!!!

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  1. kiran
    September 25, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    I agree..the Indian media talks a lot but does little….

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