Repaired and oh.. its so cool!

To follow up on the ‘Cracks & Repairs‘ post below – i finally got the Macbook Repaired! And to my surprise, Not just the lower body – but the entire Keyboard, Trackpad, And the body kit got changed!!! – And that too FREE!!!

And i am totally impressed. To all those who say Apple Service sucks – well – I found an Apple Service centre in Ahmedabad. And got my Mbook repaired in 2 days. For Free.

Try doing that with a Vaio, or a Thinkpad, or an HP. No questions asked. Our Fault. We repair it for free.

Ahh.. while i enjoy my new keyboard and the trackpad. Switch to a Mac world!

1 comment for “Repaired and oh.. its so cool!

  1. Kiran
    September 24, 2009 at 9:29 am

    You are one great fan of Apple – they should give you free everything 🙂

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