Keeping it simple

If i had to list down the tech companies that i have really liked over the years – Apple, Palm, Google, and blackberry would be the only ones who would feature. And all three have one thing in common – they keep things simple. Well, Palm not now – but it used to. And it was awesome till it did.

As previously stated, i use a macbook – still have a working palm tx and a treo680 and the phone i currently have is a Blackberry curve 8900 – although i spent the entire day today looking for an Etisalat outlet with the iPhone 4 in stock – and did not find one.

I also happen to have a desktop. Which in its prime used to run Windows. It doesnt now. Just yesterday, it took precisely 3 hours and 42 minutes to start. After numerous blue screens, CHKDSK runs and update installs, and restarts after update installs – it finally told me that i needed to enter the authorization key again. I gave up.

It took me precisely 20 seconds to quickformat. Another 23 minutes to install Ubuntu. And now it works like a breeze. Ubuntu was nice. It never bothered about where i lived. What my adress was. What booze i preferred. It just asked me what i wanted out of it, and installed itself.

And thats the whole point. Companies like Apple have figured out that what people want is simplicity. To be able to do things without having to go thru un-necessary steps. To achieve the final target with the least amount of thinking / selections / options.

And apple does it well. See the ipod. See the mighty mouse. The imac. They make sure that all useless stuff is gone. Even in their keyboards. Design is function. And that is a beautiful philosophy to go by.

Palm was another company that did it well. And it ruled the handheld market at a certain period of time, just because of that. I still use my palm tx for taking down notes and memos. I still think its the best device for keeping my work related data in a mobile form.

Blackberry is another good ‘simplicity’ philosophy. The email interface on the BB is the simplest i have seen on mobile devices. And email is what is the BB’s USP. It has kept it simple. And done it well.

I recently came across this TED video of David Pogue talking about the same stuff – and here it is for your viewing pleasure –

Leonardo da Vinci once said – “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Apple, just proves it right, everytime.

And thats why, i shall get up tomorrow – and try my luck again. Hopefully by evening, i shall have the iphone4!

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