The Blog has Moved!

Hello World!!.. This is my first post thru WordPress – after having moved to the swanky wordpress platform.

I was previously using iWeb itself to blog, but was not quite happy with it – primarily for the following reasons –

  • No Sidebars!!! – iWeb is a cool and nifty program for creating some really good websites – but the problem is the sidebar support!! Was tough trying to create tables (as there is no support for that as well) – so had to kinduv manage with text boxes – and it just didnt look appealing enough
  • Lack of Comment script etc – Because i was not publishing on mobileMe, i could not have comments on my blog. So the way around was use js-kit – which has one default theme – and it just did not go with my website.
  • Overall look and feel – even though iWeb does a wonderful and easy job of photogalleries, movies etc… it fails on the blogging stuff. As in – it just aint there with the rest of the blogging platforms.

And so, after trying out as many as 5 different platforms – i went ahead with the most popular – WordPress. It was a breeze to install. The themes are there – and in some time, as soon as i get hand of Dreamweaver, i shall be creating a custom theme. Easy to setup, with a lot of control. And some nifty little plug-ins.

So… how is it? The blog i mean? Better?? comments and feedback welcome!! (Now that i am on wordpress… and comments work!!!)

The rest of the site is still being built on iWeb – but again – just waiting to get a hang of Dreamweaver.

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  1. January 31, 2010 at 11:55 pm

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