Wheres the creativity?

I came across “It might get loud” today morning – watched it by afternoon – and was completely blown away by the time it finished.

It might get loud is a documentary film, featuring three guitarists, of completely different styles – getting together, and talking music. The musicians featured are namely Jimmy Page (of Led Zeppelin fame), The Edge (U2) and Jack White (White Stripes). Jimmy Page is the quintessential old school classic rock and roll guy – who goes all out with whatever resources he has, creating melodies and harmonies within the rock and roll framework – The edge, on the other hand, is the modern support guitarist – one who doesnt take the limelight, but is probably the most essential musician in the band – technology driven – plays simple – but creates amazing unknown realms using pedals and effects. Jack White is the weirdo – a complete blues style guitarist – with a passion for making things difficult for himself – making his own guitars – using them untuned etc.

However, what really impressed me in this documentary was the creative process. The way these guys create music – what inspires them – how they get the tune – what makes them create the tune/tone – and the only thing that came forward as an answer – was “passion”

Creative “passion” is something that is completely missing from the music of today – and if you ask what has taken over? – well, “commercialization”

Music these days has become so commercial that there is no place left for creativity. How many musicians of these days do we know, who would pick up a piece of wood and carve out their own guitar – just to get the sound that they want? How many musicians would actually ‘create’ music? rather than just sell music? Its more like the prostitution of music. Where the creative drive is completely lost. Musicians these days get into the business just because of the money. One hit single – and yeah, theyve made enough for life.

“The thrill was just being able to do it…. even if you were doing it badly.” – The Edge

And thats the difference i guess – people in yesteryears turned to music not because they could make money out of it – but because they had passion for it. They wanted to create. They wanted to explore.

“Who says you need a guitar?” – Jack White

Music can be created from anything. That is Jack Whites philosophy – he is shown creating a single string instrument using a coke bottle, some nails and a plank of wood. “White Stripes” is probably one of the few bands that actually portray this – they are a two member band, with Jack white on the guitars and vocals – and his wife on the drums. And check out the music they create –

“Passion. Honest. Competence.” – Jimmy Page

The guitar God sums it up in these three words. That is what it took to give us greats like “Kashmir”, “Stairway to Heaven”, and “Black Dog”. And these are probably the three basic things that are lacking in todays so called musicians.

There is a scene in the documentary, where Jimmy Page talks about his inspiration – and plays “Rumble” – just the look on his face as it lights up, shows you he is back being a teenager – listening to the very same song, and getting inspired. This was probably my favourite part of the entire documentary.

This one is a must watch. Find the DVD – buy it – and get inspired. And heres a clip to get you started – three guitarists, one room –

Thats where the creativity is.

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