Brain Magic

The human brain, as stated in a post previously, is truly a wonderful machine. But sometimes, it really is possible to trick it into doing or believing things that are seemingly impossible.

Keith Barry is a renowned Illusionist who uses this to exploit the loopholes in the way are brains are wired. And he comes out with some amazing stunts/illusions/magic tricks – whatever you might call them. Awesomely interesting – and at the same time, always makes you wonder about how complex that one part of your body is.

In the video below, Keith Barry demonstrates the above. This is a video available on, which of lately has become one of my most visited sites. There truly is a wealth of information out there, to amaze/inspire and put you in awe of things around you.

I bet all everyone tried the trick in the beginning. And i bet no one got it right. Be observant. Be patient. And you will get it. As i said – dont let your brain get tricked, and you will be fine!

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