Mind Over Matter

Mount Everest

So what exactly is Mind over Matter? Is it the bending of spoons using just your mind? Or is it using your mind to achieve the unachievable?

Our Brain is the probably the most complex thing ever known to man – neuroscientists are still figuring out just the basics of understanding how the human brain works – and the power it holds.

The biggest example of this power is a person called Beck Weathers – A climber on everest in 1996, who was left for dead. He spent 2 days and a night – comatose – in the ice and snow, with his face and hands exposed – above 24000 feet, on the harshest climate known to man – and survived. What happened was a miracle – even in medical terms.

Eight people lost their lives on the face of Everest that night in 1996, when Beck Weathers, blinded because of the altitude collapsed in the snow, with not even enough energy to blink his eyelids. Other climbers passed him by, checking on him, and presuming him dead – not even close to death – but dead. It was truly a miracle that he survived – and the fact that after 36 hours, managed to get up, and on his own power, walk down to camp.

Ken Kamler was the only doctor on the mountain that time – and here he is talking about the event and the 1996 expedition.

It is just amazing to see what the mind can do – and what will power can achieve. Click on the link above, and watch the presentation. It will open your eyes to what each of our minds can achieve.

Here is the wikipedia page on the 1996 Everest disaster

And here is the page on Beck Weathers.

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