The Lost Symbol aint that lost…

With my facebook feed filled up with ‘reading The Lost Symbol’ i thought i might as well join the movement and got a hold of the book (in electronic format) and finished it in a single session.

Well – So we did read Dan Browns masterpiece ‘The Da Vinci Code’ a few years back, and it was a craze. Somebody had finally brought the ‘occult’ and ‘secret societies’ and the lost secrets of our world to the multi-million-dollar world of paperback fiction. Nobody realized that the theories proposed in the book had been around in other ‘non-fiction’ books for ages. Anyhow, the book sold, got made into a movie, and im sure made Mr. Brown one very rich dude.

So Mr. Brown decided to carry on with Mr. Langdons Escapades and came out with this new book titled ‘The Lost Symbol’ in which Mr. Langdon goes on a one night run through all the important buildings in Washington DC, rediscovering ancient treasures and wisdom. It all seems good – until you realize, that this is the third time you are reading the same story – (yeah… not the same technically – but still, in effect, the same) – The same one single intelligent woman – the same one old man who helps – the same weird looking villain – the same getting trapped in a small place – the small running through the vast expanses of ancient buildings – the same going down thru dirty old corridors and the same revelation at the end.

It gets so boring at the end – that i actually ended up skipping entire paragraphs, which seems keep repeating the same thing over and over and over and over again – and are probably there just to fill up the pages. Even the cryptic clues are solved in the same way (theres just one way to solve both the ciphers) – also, in the end – the so called revelation is also a fizzle – you keep expecting something great to happen in the end – but it all turns out to be a very ‘thoughtful’ revelation only.

Throughout the book it seems that Mr. Brown is only trying to pacify all those whose sentiments got hurt due to ‘The Da Vinci Code’ – with numerous references to the Bible and how it is and what it is and what it reveals. Read it – and you will understand what i mean.

Yes, the book is about Freemasons. But somehow – it just seems too fictitious.Unlike the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons – this just feels very very fictitious. i didnt even feel like googling up the architecture mentioned in the book.

I think Mr. Brown is just too much focused on the Occult and the Freemasons. And ends up righting the same story over and over again. Maybe he should think of some other story line. Kill Mr. Langdon maybe. Or get him married.

I still think Angels & Demons was the best he wrote. And then its just been a downward spiral. Just waiting to see what Mr. Tom Hanks does with this one….

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