As i left work yesterday, after a 15 hour shift – i started listening to some old music in my car – some bands i had stopped listening to a long time back – and started the process of rediscovering them – and that made a 15 minute drive turn into a 1 hour 45 minute gallavant across abu dhabi / yas island – just because i was enjoying the music soooo much! – so here are the bands – i rediscovered, in no particular order –

1. AC/DC – AC/DC has to be the most awesome driving music ever. And im not talking about just Highway to hell – some of their tracks are just fantastic. The distorted guitar riffs, screeching vocals, the energy – it just automatically moves ure head and starts to make u sing along – Stiff upper lip, Back in Black, You shook me all night long – some of the songs that everyone should have in their collection.

2. Guns ‘n Roses – Listen to the unplugged album, some of the most amazing accoustic versions of heavy rock numbers – and then theres patience – especially the one with the imagine medley – just the way Slash seamlessly blends patience into Imagine is beautiful – and the audience reaction totally justified.

3. Pearl Jam – What can i say, for a band where the lead singer (Eddie Vadder)  has one of the most amazing rock voices ever – and a band which can do slow ballads as good as they can heavy songs. And again, think out of Jeremy and Alive for a moment. Look for songs like Better Man (amazing vocals) and Nothingman – also, Last kiss – and yeah dont forget their versions of wish you were here – and the amazingly nostalgic (for me) – ‘yellow ledbetter’

4. Extreme – A little known band – but had one of the most romantic songs ever – and thats what everyone knows them for – ‘More than words‘ – but get their ‘best of’ album, and check out songs like ‘Hole Hearted’, ‘Kid Ego’, ‘Decadence dance’ and one of my personal favourites – ‘am i ever gonna change’.

5. Led Zeppelin‘whole lotta love’, ‘black dog’, ‘stairway to heaven’, ‘kashmir’ – need i say more?? But yeah – go hear a track called ‘going to california‘ and youll know the awesomeness of this band – and yeah, the very cheeky ‘travellin riverside blues’.

6. Hendrix – this guy needs no introduction for sure – Purple Haze justifies everything. and i mean it – Everything. It kinduv brings up my complete growing up years – the transition from being young to being an adult – the ‘not to do’s’ and everything else in between. Get his complete discography. you do not have any excuse to not to.

7. Lynyrd Skynyrd – The solo of freebird is enough reason to close your eyes and get drunk on music. In my opinion on e of the best technically proficient bands.

So thats it for now!! – am digging out some more old stuff to listen in my car tonight! – hopefully will lead to another music related post tomorrow!

Enjoy the above songs till then… ciao!

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