The Mountains….

Just read an amazing thing on another blog that i follow

“……One bit particularly impressed me. Sitting in the crevice of a glacier with a broken leg, from where he couldn’t be rescued in a million years, awaiting death, Joe (a self-confessed atheist) says – At times like these, you wonder if there is someone out there watching everything. Someone, who’ll set things right. Every sound that you hear in that place, you wonder if it has some bigger meaning; if it is showing you the path; if there is some meaning to all this at all. But you realize, you have to fend for yourself and that you are just too small compared to the mountains. You cannot just sit there, you have to make decisions. Even if they are wrong.

This seems true in so many ways. I’ve said this before too – there is a strange connection between mountains and philosophy. When you’re up there with nothing but the nature, you start seeing things more clearly as they are, not how people have made them out to be. You realize that is how you were always supposed to see everything. You see your true character; you see others’ true self; you see a minuscule part of the earth in its raw form and can only extrapolate how mighty nature is; you see the countless stars at night and wonder how inconsequential your tiny-self is in the bigger scheme of things, if it exists.

No wonder mountaineers keep going back.

I am not arrogant enough to say that you won’t know yourself living life in society; but I’ll say that you will find yourself up in the mountains.”

So true…. isnt it???

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