Cracks & Repairs

As it turned out… my macbook went thru the same cracking syndrome that most ‘white’ macbook users have gone thru. The area below the keyboard… right where the palm rests (on the edge) developed hairline cracks, and started to chip off… also, the display bezel on the right hand corner did the same – also popped out of the clips holding it – and refused to pop in again!

The problem was, i was in Ahmedabad – a city which does not even have an apple store. And i was getting irritated by the day – seeing tiny bits falling off. Did a lot of research and saw it wasnt just me – a lot of users had gone thru the same – and apple had acknowledged the fact, and issued a memo to all its service centres for repairs to be covered, even if the ‘book was out of warranty. – Now, being in Ahmedabad over the last one month, i somehow knew that i will have to wait to get back to the UAE – and even then, i believed that the laptop will have to be sent to S’pore or the US for repairs.

Yeasterday – i tried my luck – googled ‘apple service ahmedabad’ and came up with some forum where someone had penned down an address and a phone number. Called up – and this was how the conversation went –

OG (other guy) – Yes.

M (Me) – Hi. Do you repair and service apple macbooks?

OG – Yes

M  – Well, mine has developed some cracks on the bezel and….

OG – Please get you laptop to the service centre and we will see it there

M – … uhh.. okay. Can i get it now?

OG – Service centre timings are 11am to 4pm. It is already 3:50. So please get it tomorrow.

M – ok.

Didnt expect much after this conversation. The guy didnt even let me complete what was wrong with the laptop. I just figured, this must be a place which would probably ship it to one of the authorised centres abroad and charge me for it (considering i wasnt covered by the Apple Protection Plan)

Anyhow, i went to the centre today. Dusty old office.. where i was guided to the 1st floor where the ‘appal ka service hota hai’.

Surprise Surprise. As soon as i opened the door – there was a neatly dressed guy, sitting in front of a macbook pro – who seated me, asked me if i would want something to drink – looked at the problem and called the engineer.

The engineer told me, that the base crack would be done free of cost (as i expected) but the bezel would be charged, as that was not mentioned in the memo sent out by apple (i was surprised that they even knew about something like this) But, the biggest surprise was, when he told me that this would be done tomorrow. The parts would take a day to arrive from mumbai, and he would fix them.

This was something i just hadnt expected! This city keeps surprising me!. Apparantly this was an Apple Authorized Centre – and the guy has spent 3 months with apple – so i guess i am in safe hands!

And now the Irony. After i got back home (with the repair sheet, telling me to come back tomorrow and what all would get replaced) – i did some research again on the problem and why apple was replacing it for free. In that process, i happened to read that people had experienced cracking near the rear heat vents also – and even this was covered by apple. Now, im not the kinds who lifts his laptop regularly to check whats been happening under and behind. But anyhow, i thought of checking the same – and lo behold – their is a 4 inch long hairline crack rught below the vents. Not breaking off… but its there… and just that thought is a little bit irritating. The problem is – that now only the base and the bezel has been ordered. And now ill have to plead them to change the vent area also. SHIT!

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