Back from the Dead.

One of the most amazing speculations over the last three months got confirmed today. Yes. Michael Schumacher, the God of the racing world is back. He will be racing in 2010 with the Mercedes team – formerly, the 2009 world champions, the Brawn Racing Team.
So – what made Schumi, the 7 time world champion, 3 years into retirement – come back into the sport he dominated for a decade? And that too at the age of 41? And leave a team that he stood for and represented, even after retirement?

For starters, it has been Ferrari’s doing – to fuel the need for speed in Schumacher back again. Truly speaking, Schumi still had a lot of racing left in him when he retired – he was still fighting for wins, in not the fastest car – and narrowly missed out on world championship from Alonso. Unfortunately, Ferrari had already signed up Raikkonnen – and Schumi had no option but to retire.

And then, in 2009, the Massa incident happened – and the Ferrari bosses requested Schumi to come back. And once in the car seat – the devils of racing were back again in Schumi. As they say – the test drive stirred something in him – and that is his perennial desire to win. Unfortunately, due to medical reasons, he could not race in 2009. But he was extremely dissapointed. He wanted it.

And so – when Merc came along – and with Ross Brawn in the team – Schumi just could not resist. He knows that Brawn can provide a race winning car – and that Merc has the finances. He is not doing it for the money for sure. He is just doing it because he likes winning. And he likes to be in a car – a kinduv extension of his body.

And he is not the only comeback – over the years, a lot of drivers have come back from retirement and been successful – Niki Lauda to name one. And age certainly isnt a factor for Schumi – im sure he is fitter than most yougsters in the sport. But yes – it will be interesting to see the battle between someone like a 24 year old Lewis Hamilton, and a 41 year old Michael Schumacher. Somone who has just one 1 championship – to someone who literally ruled the sport for a decade.

It just gets very interesting elements into the sport next year. Whether people are going to accept Schumi in a Merc? Whether he will be able to compete against the yougsters? Will he be able to get his 8th world championship? Will he be back with ferrari in 2011?? But most of all, will he drive like the Schumi of yesteryears? The same aggression? Or has he mellowed down?

Honestly – i think we are in for a treat next year. And i cant wait to see the Racing worlds most successful driver back again. Luckily, we now have the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – so this time, Tickets have to be bought!!!

Welcome Back Michael!

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