The Rain & the Smell of Christmas

For a pastry chef, there are very few months in which you break away from doing the regular buffets and plated desserts and banquets etc. etc. etc… And one of the most awesome times of the year, is Christmas.

Just the smell of the kitchen during Christmas completely pulls you in – and makes you fall in love with your work every year. Even though its the same old stuff – Plum cake, Christmas Pudding, Stollen, Leckerli, etc… but still theres something in the ‘smell’ that makes you totally excited!

Just finished few days ago with my production of the Plum cake, Pudding and stollen… and all of it looks and smells awesome. The booze in it stirs the olfactory nerves just right… and the spices tingle the tongue beautifully. And i just happen to produce a ‘little’ extra every year – u know… a little stollen for breakfast every day is not bad… 😉

Christmas Cake

Christmas Pudding


It has been raining!! Abu Dhabi and Dubai have been receiving the most beautiful rainfall over the last week – it has been awesome weather, and driving down the roads, listening to the rain… and some awesome music (Floyd, i.e.) has been just fantastic. Irish village has also been awesome – and the outings to it fantastic. It was so chilly the other day, that i actually ended up buying fleece jackets from Irish Village!!.. and so, i become a ‘proper’ patron of the institution!

Dunno why, the rain always brings out so many old memories – and always a smile to your face. I somehow have been seeing this – everytime it rains – and i am driving down, i automatically get a smile on my face… and i keep wondering why??.. Is it because i am reminded of the numerous afternoons in Kanpur, sitting in the verandah, looking at our ‘compound’ get flooded?? Or the early morning calls to the school to find out if we had a ‘rainy-day holiday??’ Or just plain and simple getting wet in the rain with your friends?? – or maybe walking down marine drive getting drenched with someone you thought you loved at sometime??
I guess, its just all of them… and then you grow old – and you know you will not get to do any of the above – and you miss it – and you get nostalgic – and you get a smile on your face.
Yeah… thats it i guess…

Anyhow… had been away from the blog for sometime – i guess i had not found anything inspiring enough to write about – but im here… alive… 😉 and will be writing.. everytime i have something to write upon.

Meanwhile – heres some pictures of the Rain to enjoy… it links to the photo section of my website!

Keep Rocking guys n gals!

PS: This post is dedicated to R… Thanks for all the inspirations… u rock…

2 comments for “The Rain & the Smell of Christmas

  1. mom
    December 20, 2009 at 5:09 am

    hmmm…nothing beats the rain nostalgia…everytime i think of the mumbai of the 70s i die to go back (only now it is stinky and slushy)….reminds me of the song…rimjhim gire sawaan….

  2. December 20, 2009 at 7:03 am

    nice post… the rain bit had me smiling.

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