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Lemon Tree, the Mediterranean Brasserie @ Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi opened day before for trials…

Its just so exciting to open a restaurant… its like having a baby.. when you have seen it right from the initial framework, to what it develops into… all the changes, all the hitches.. and how everybody gets together to solve them out. Then the first guests walk in, the first orders come in… the ranges light up, the grills start sizzling and voila… magic happens. And then you smile… when u see the first morsels of food go into someones mouth.. and that expression of appreciation – you realize that all the hard work – was totally worth it… in that one moment.

The food at Lemon tree varies from Spanish to Italian to French… and it is awesome. I myself have been eating dinner there for the last two days, and i personally think (and this is not because i work here) that this is some of the best Mediterranean food i have consumed over a long time. Perfectly cooked Lamb to amazing looking seafood.

Check out the photos here…

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The restaurant will officially open in a weeks time – when hopefully all the hitches will be sorted out. Everyone reading this is invited – however – you WILL have to pay for your meals! But trust me – value for money is great.

Also, i have created a montage of sorts – on the Evolution of Holiday inn Abu Dhabi, using pictures that i have taken, and some old pictures of the construction – uploaded it on youtube… comments on the pics as well as the entire presentation are welcome!

Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi – The Evolution

Had a very interesting evening the other day in Dubai – was supposed to drive back my HR manager, Trng Exec., and Revenue manager back in the evening – all three happen to be women. So met them up at this joint called ‘Jules Bar’ at the Meridien in Dubai at around 8.. and just hung around. But as the evening progressed we realised, we were probably in the middle of one of the biggest Pick up joints in the city. Kinduv an awkward situations – being with three women that too – but it was fun. We chose to study the process – and what a crash course in marketing it was! Couldnt stop laughing – but it was a very very very interesting evening!!

Lastly – just finished reading ‘2 states’ by Chetan Bhagat – a continutation of ‘5 point someone’ of sorts. Interesting read. His style is awesome – i really like it – and he writes stuff you can associate with – and that is nice – because u read the stuff – and u kinduv get nostalgic about the events in your life – even if they were not similar – i think he is just too cool an author. (Even though i did not like ‘3 mistakes’… ). Grab a copy and read it. Its worth it.

Take care.. Ciao!

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