Jai Maharashtra??

Is a city a part of a country?? A state?? a district?? or does it belong to the people who reside there??
Mumbai has had enough controversy…. right from terrorist attacks to buildings collapsing to the bollywood shit… however… there is still a lot of confusion i guess, to what or who mumbai belongs to.

Thanks to a certain Political family – spelt ‘Tha*#$ey’ – its getting quite annoying. When one of the most respectable Cricketers of out times – Spelt ‘Tendulkar’ (no other is even close to being respectable as of now…) – made a simple remark about how Bombay (thats the way i prefer it – calling it ‘mumbai’ sucks.) belonged to India and Indians – the family stated above got quite pissed of – and infact, the family head (henceforth known as BT) wrote a letter to Mr. Tendulkar stating that he has hurt Maharashtrian sentiments, as BT belongs to Maharashtra and Maharashtrians.

Im sure we still remember the controversy created over the language issue a few weeks back by the nephew?? of BT called RT. What for??? I mean – is that how low people can fall to gather votes?? Where has the freakin patriotism (and i mean being patriotic to the country – not your state) gone?? Do we even consider ourselves to be a part of a country? Or have we just turned into regional junkies, not bothered about how we reached where we have.

Getting back to Bombay… It is the financial capital of India. And i guess thats why people like BT are so possessive about it. They hate the fact that people from other states and regions come in to their city and spoil it (a la Adolf Hitler) – which according to me is Racism and Fascism all intermingled. Question : Who has made Bombay what it is?? (i.e. the financial capital) – and would BT and RT be so possessive about the city if it was just another city?? and not held the status it holds as of now??

Well – so lets start getting rid of the non-maharashtrians in Mumbai. Lets get rid of the Ambani’s (they are Gujuratis). The Tata’s (they are Parsi’s – technically should move back to Gujurat). The Oberois (Punjabis). The Godrej’s (Parsi’s??) and i bet you the other business tycoons because of whom Bombay is what it is are also Non-Maharashtrians.

So would Bombay be what it is without the Non-Maharashtrians?? Probably all that would be left would be one huge slum – and probably the poorest city in the world. Also – does BT or RT realize that they are at Non-Maharashtrian establishments when they lounge around at the various 5 star hotels around the city?? Or travel in cars which are produced outside maharashtra?? Or fly in airlines owned by Non-Maharashtrians?? Or even eat food produced outside Maharashtra??
Well – I believe in a simple thing. If you believe in something – you should always go all the way. Dont do it half heartedly, or as a matter of convenience. So – if BT and RT believe in ‘Jai Maharashtra’ well, they should ASAP start doing the above. Buy clothes produced in Maharashtra. Buy food from Maharashtra. And yeah – dont forget schooling and educating their children – please – no where else – but Maharashtra – and yeah – no English Medium please… only Marathi medium will do. And yeah – please do not enter other states – becuase then you should expect to be treated the same way, as other states are treated in Maharashtra.

Fair enough?? I guess so….


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  1. Kavita D'silva
    November 19, 2009 at 10:01 am

    Absolutely…wonder what justification BT wud have for sponsoring Michael Jackson’s show (event organizaed by his daughter in law) in Bombay and what does he have to say about his love for Scotch (didnt know that was made in aamchi maharashtra) and his love for Cuban Cigars (unless there is a special unit in Ulhasnagar run by “marathas” producing them)!!!

    • Jai Bhargava
      November 19, 2009 at 3:02 pm

      dunno about Maharashtra… Jai Belongs to my name… & yes.. BOMBAY!!! it is… RT,BT, TT to VT can Diss a duck!!!

    • 'bhav
      November 19, 2009 at 9:10 pm

      True kavita.. That’s what I say.. Our politicians are full of shit and hippocracy

      • May 27, 2014 at 10:57 pm

        I went out with a gang of around 10-12 “vegetarian” pals to Delhi’s O Calcutta. I joneid them a little later when the food was already ordered by one person, on behalf of others. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why dal makhani had to be ordered with those mouth-watering Luchis. The traditional way to have it is with Cholar dal. Though I had my dinner peacefully, it was for the very first time that I felt agitated. One reason was someone else simply ordering on my behalf (something which obviously I was willing to forgive, considering the steep bill which would’ve cost many bucks for the host). But what really upset me was that the lady didn’t give the cuisine (strictly in my opinion) an honest try. One doesn’t need to stick to rules (not when cuisines can be interpreted and experienced in countless ways). But some combos in the culinary world simply complement each other if had in a particular way. Would you, for instance, have a Rajasthani baati with chole or rajma? My problem was that the lady just didn’t want to experiment thus ruining the experience for others, who I doubt have even tried these dishes. That one doesn’t always relish food from different parts of the country is a different matter. But when people don’t even try, it’s like failing yourself from a unique experience.

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