Love Thy Job?

I have always wondered, what is it that actually makes people Love their job, or hate it. Most of the people i know, or meet, are into professions that they shouldnt be in – as in, they are probably better at something else, or enjoy doing something else – and its exactly the same with me. But – some of them love their jobs – while the rest hate what they do. Why?

I have worked as a Chef for the last almost 9 years… with 4 organization – and 5 different hotels – and have grown thru the ranks – i was not a ‘management trainee’ or a ‘kitchen executive trainee’ – i started at the bottom – ‘commis III’ – and have now reached where people having undergone the above programs might have reached a few years ago. In this time, there have been periods where i have totally detested what i do – and my profession – and there have been times where i have completely loved it – so yesterday i sat down thinking, what were the reasons for this… and it all boiled down to 1 thing.

‘The people’

Yes. It has always been the people i have worked with. And in a broader sense, the ‘Organization culture’. All organizations talk about the culture – and how everybody is a family member – and how they take care of you – and what benefits they give you – but my experience has always told me that nothing actually works. Everybody boasts of big words, but very rarely do they follow them. At the end of the day – the ‘family’ funda turns out to be more like a hindi soap opera, with the entire family conspiring against each other, behind each others back, a la Ekta Kapoor.
And this is what leads to people hating coming to work – at least people like me – because i know that some people enjoy the above – and their sole reason for coming to work is to probably conspire – and the hating coming to work always makes you hate what you do. Because if you are not happy at the place you work in, you are never going to be happy doing what you do.
I experienced the above at my previous organization. Where everybody only cared for themselves (However, one of the organizational ‘hallmarks’ stated that employees must treat colleagues with respect) and never respected anybody else. Racism was prevalent – and sometimes even boasted upon – and eventually – i hated working there to an extent, where i started hating my profession, and actually decided to change what i do and get into some other profession (im serious – i even went to s’pore to give an interview!)
Fortunately, i have stuck to what i did – and have started loving what i do – to the point that i actually wait for the next day to get to work. Primary reason – The people at work. There are very few organizations which actually practice what they preach – and i have thankfully found one in time. Where people are actually respected not for what they do – but for what they are. And that is the key. Everybody (specially in a multi-cultural environment) is different – and you just dont need to respect their jobs – but also who they are – their culture, their personalities, their hobbies, everything that they love, and everything that they hate. As it is said here – ‘give them Room to be themselves’.
And thats my take on ‘loving thy job’. The people. Thats what makes it or breaks it. That is the key to a successful company – and happy people. And thankfully (at least as of now) i have found a place which believes and practices the above!

3 comments for “Love Thy Job?

  1. KS
    November 16, 2009 at 8:40 am

    Hmmmmm……the people ha…..!!!

  2. Aman
    November 16, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    You got it all correct buddy…its people, people n people all the way…Great that u luv ur job and hope it remains so…Cheers!!!

  3. adp
    July 10, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    mmmmmmmm….let’s say that this thought was all right couple of months back Anu….I’m really curius to know if you are at the same idea now……..working in a place where you need to watch your back on a dayly basis to avoid that someone will fuck you up (excuse my french …..), where racism, and clientelism are sitting on a chiar very high, and where idiots are always setting the scene………

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